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Timeless Style since 1911.

The Hickory Chair Furniture Co. began one hundred years ago in Hickory, North Carolina with a single product and a simple vision. The product was a made-to-order dining chair. The vision was to combine the authenticity of classic craftsmanship with the efficiency of modern manufacturing. In the decades since, our product range has evolved into an assortment of timeless designs, drawn from significant periods and places, and from the talents of some of the world’s most respected designers.

Their original vision, however, remains unchanged. Hickory Chair is still guided by a genuine commitment to custom craftsmanship and timely service. Their style is still distinguished by an authentic, timeless spirit. And their furniture is still made to order and made to last, by a team of talented and attentive artisans. They take great pride that almost 90% of their furnishings are made in their Hickory, North Carolina workroom.